March 19, 2015
Kleinert   Hampshires    began   in   1953   as   a   4-H   project when   Darryl   was   nine   years   old.   With   the   help   of   his   father, William,   Darryl   bought   two   bred   Hampshire   yearling   ewes. Throughout    high    school,    Darryl    was    mentored    by    his agriculture   teacher,   Mr.   Maynard   Boudreau.      As   time   passed and his experience grew, so did the size of his flock. Darryl    successfully    showed    his    Hampshires    on    the    Illinois County   Fair   circuit   for   several   years   in   the   late   1950s   and early     1960s.     In     1966,     Darryl     purchased     the     Famed Willoughby    Flock    from    Marshall    Field,    Jr.    and    Dr.    Kurt Campbell   of   Libertyville,   Illinois.   This   purchase   of   200   head lead   to   the   first   Kleinert   Hampshires   Production   Sale   in   the spring   of   1967.      Kleinert   Hampshires   winning   ways   continued with   the   Grand   Champion   Wether   at   the   1970   Illinois   State Fair.   We   sold   the   then   record   selling   Hampshire   ewe   in   1974, at   our   spring   production   sale   to   Keith   Lamb   for   $1,475.   We later   showed   the   National   Champion   Hampshire   Ram   at   the 1975   National   Show   in   Lubbock,   Texas.   At   the   same   time, Darryl   was   elected   to   the   AHSA   board   of   directors,   where   he served three consecutive terms. The     Kleinert     Family     tradition     of     raising     and     showing Hampshires   continued   with   sons   Scott,   Michael,   Brian   and Bret    successfully    showing    Hampshires    in    the    1970’s    and 1980’s.   In   1978,   the   family   moved   to   the   farm   in   Chebanse, Illinois.   Unfortunately,   in   the   early   morning   hours   of   February 5,   1979,   the   main   barn   housing   121   ewes   and   52   lambs   was destroyed   by   fire.      However,   by   carefully   researching   the   old Hogg     and     Olsen     bloodlines,     several     daughters     were purchased to help rebuild the flock.  Prominent   stud   rams   used   during   the   early   1980’s   included ‘Happy   Days,’   ‘King   Arthur’   and   ‘Lou   Hensen.’   In   the   early 1980’s   Michael   also   became   more   actively   involved   in   Kleinert Hampshires;   and   in   1982   the   flock   reached   its   peak   of   280 ewes.      The   tradition   of   Hampshires   and   showing   continued into   the   third   generation   as   Michael   and   Susie’s’   sons’   Kurtis, Kyle   and   Kory   all   showed   Hampshires   at   local,   state   and national   shows.      Bret   and   Lisa’s   son   Will   is   now   showing Hampshires   as   well.   Today   Darryl,   although   retired,   maintains a   small   flock   of   Hampshire   ewes   and   keeps   busy   helping Michael.   Michael,   along   with   his   oldest   son   Kurtis,   continue the    Kleinert    Hampshires    legacy    started    by    his    father    and grandfather   in   1953.   They   currently   maintain   a   breeding   flock of    100    Hampshire    ewes.    Michael    can    be    seen    at    many Hampshire   events   promoting   Hampshires   and   continuing   the Kleinert    Hampshires    tradition    where    “Quality    Breeding Lasts Forever.”
Our Story
1961 Grand Champion Ewe
1958 Grand Champion Ram
1964 - William Kleinert
1974 Record Selling Ewe
1970 Grand Champion Wether
1975 National Champion Ram
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