Kleinert Hampshires is a  nationally recognized producer of top-quality Club Lambs and purebred Hampshire  Sheep.  Over the years, we have bred numerous champions; and remain a force  on the national scene.  Founded in 1954, we have over a half-century and  three generations of experience.
“Master Touch” Kleinert 4860 Kleinert 4690 (Picasso) x Kleinert 4596 (K-4509) Folks, this one gets us pretty excited! A little more moderate than what we usually set in stud, but he’s as powerful as they come. Truly massive through his hip and stifle, yet so square and athletic in how he uses his hock. He works that same advantage through his front end while being so smooth shouldered and elevated in his chest. The perfect combination of power and pretty. We all know the success that Miller Hampshires has had in consistently producing champions over the years. Here’s a ram that’s bred with those same quality genetics, yet can be used as an outcross to those popular Miller Maker and 40 Large bloodlines.
Kleinert 4690 RRNNFD "Picasso" Miller O-611 x Miller P-4476 (MasterPlan x Untouchable's sister)  
"Picasso" Miller O-611 x Miller P-4476
Current Stud Rams and Reference Sires
Miller BK-252 RRNNFF Miller Bk-252, is huge footed and very wooly, his hip and stifle shape is tremendous and he has quality to burn. He is an ET Maker on a MasterPiece donor, BK- 64. She is an excellent flush ewe and has dammed Poe Hampshires Bk-234 , a whole mess of great club lambs, and numerous replacement females, two of which are also donors. Her momma is Bk-4, also a great donor and mother to Patron, Massive Miller, Miller Master, Art, Minister and Touchstone in addition to 5 donor ewes. This pedigree is 4 generations deep the momma's side in flushed ewes, can't go wrong with this many great females all piled into one ram's linage.
   Kleinert 4516 RRNN "MGD" x Kleinert 4291 ("Hands On" x K-4114) 4516 combines profile, muscle, pedigree and performance together in such a great package. He has the eye appeal to attract attention as you walk in the ring, then will impress with a tremendous touch. He has the attitude of a Champion and it has carried into his offspring. Thank You Twisted Gate Ranch of Minnesota.
    Kleinert 4551 RRNN Poe 1264 (Fiasco) x Kleinert 4453 (K-4175)  4551 is our RR replacement for 1264. He was used on a cross section of our ewes for 2014 and you can see the results here at the farm.
Kleinert 4509 “Take Down” "Master Copy" x Miller 3786 ET (DaVinci's Full Brother x Miller P-2958 - Classic's Mother) Purchased in Dam, 4509 adds growth and profile to his lambs with out sacrificing power. We have high expectations for the large number of daughters in the keeper pen. Owned with Land Run Hampshires, Oklahoma
    “Island Warrior” RRNN "Surpass" and "Ale8" Daughter "Island Warrior" (Double F 1423) has proven himself in the Double F flock. His yearling ewes are simply awesome as he sired a class winning Yearling Ewe at the 2009 Midwest Stud Ram Sale. His mother was one of the greatest ewes in the Double F flock. One of her 2006 ewe lambs was Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb at the KY State Fair. A full brother to "Island Warrior" was sold as a yearling to Wattonville Club Lambs in Sedalia 2006. “Island Warrior” adds tremendous length and extension to his offspring combined with massive bone and great muscle tone. Sold to Bryce and Callie Ayres, Indiana
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    “Hands On” 1st place Feb Ram 2008 Midwest Sale This RRNN "Classic" son out of the famed "Masterpiece" ewe family is the exact piece I was looking for. His lambs possess the eye appeal and extra touch that we expected out of this powerful pedigree. Introduced into our breeding program for 2009, his daughters will work on MGD! Purchased with Adams and Schrock Hampshires. sold to Mike Cummings, Washington
Kleinert 4175 RRNN An RRNN son of "Junior" out of "Kleinert 3962" a Miller 907 daughter that is also a maternal sister to "Ray". 4175's father-Junior is Sired by Miller "Double Time" the Reserve Champion Ram at Sedalia who is a maternal Brother to "Master Copy"! Juniors Mother "Cabaniss 98-453" is the Grandmother of "Popgun" a ram used by Cabiniss for several years. 4175's mother Kleinert 3962 is sired by "Miller 907" a son of "Six" and out of a "Looking Back Up" daughter! 3962's mother "Hinton 170" is also mother to "Ray" a ewe we acquired from Ray Hinton as an outcross to our Miller-Cabaniss ewe base.
Happy Days The Kleinert breeding program centers around the genetics of "Happy Days". Purchased in the late 1970's from Ronald Hogg, he has been the foundation of our flock. Every ewe will contain him several times on both the sire and dam side of their pedigree. You will find his influence in many successful programs nation wide.
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“MGD” RRNNFF Miller O_952 ET "Maker"Miller Y-34 x Miller P-3469 ("DaVinci" x Miller 2958-Classic's Mother) "Solution" Miller O-953 an embryo brother to MGD  sired the Sr Champion ewe Sedalia 2013 for Miller Hampshires.
"Maker" Miller Y-34 x Miller P-3469
Kleinert 5113 Miller O-470 x Kleinert 4805(Kleinert 4690)  
Miller O-470 x Kleinert 4805
Kleinert 5236 RRNNFF Kleinert 5113 x Kleinert 4549(Rampage)   5236, a natural fall born, he is big bodied, straight in his lines and smooth in his movement. 
(Kleinert 5113 x Kleinert 4549)
Kleinert 5340 RRNNFF “Talking Trash” Jimmy Davis x Kleinert 5196(Miller O-470)  
Talking Trash x Kleinert 5196
Miller O-470 QRNNFD “Mercy” Miller O-103 x Miller 4203(Vintage)   Miller O-470 is a maternal brother to the Grand Market Lamb at 2012 Fort Worth Livestock show. This extended and attractive Mercy is by a great looking Vintage donor, P-4203. She has been a great producer for Miller Hampshires, making numerous top end wethers and elite donor females. 470 has proven to be a great one, as evidenced by how often he appears in our pedigrees.
"Mercy" Miller O-103 x Miller P-4203
Miller O-175 QRNNFD “Maker” Miller Y-34 x Miller P-4135(Vintage) Miller O-175 is straight from the Keeper pen. He was used by Miller's as a lamb and then again as a yearling. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to own such a proven stud. Miller P-4135's twin sister(P-4134) dammed Bean's Houston Grand in 2012 and a 2013 keeper buck lamb O-218 “Rico”.
"Maker" Miller Y-34 x Miller P-4135